Expect More Content Updates for Final Fantasy XV

Written by Chad

December 1, 2017

Even with the game already reached its first anniversary, there is no stopping for Square Enix to add more content for Final Fantasy XV.

November 29 marks the first year after Final Fantasy XV was released, so aside from the Episode Ignis to arrive later this December, Square Enix has revealed that fans can expect more content for the game starting next year.

First is for Episode Ignis, from the recent Active Time Report livestream, more information were revealed for the upcoming DLC. Episode Ignis where it covers the events happened before (spoilers ahead) Ignis loses his eyesight during the battle at Altissia in Chapter 9. Here are some things that players can expect:

  • The DLC will be story heavy
  • It will last for around 1-2 hours
  • An alternate route will be unlocked after completing the DLC once, this will become available at certain period in the DLC
  • The alternate route will feature an exclusive boss fight that is difficult to defeat.
  • Completing the alternative route will feature a different ending.

Episode Ignis will be available on December 13.

Next is the free update that will be coming a day before the Episode Ignis release. The new update will feature a new function to the combat system, where you can finally swap with your other companions such as Gladio, Prompto and Ignis in mid-battle, in which you can initiate by pressing a corresponding command during a battle to tag out with a different party member. The interesting part as shown on the video is that each of the characters will feature their combat system based on their respective episodic DLCs to provide their unique playing style.

And finally fans can expect more content with another set of episodic form of DLCs, specifically three of them. This was also revealed at the Active Time Report livestream where the first from the new batch will be called Episode Ardyn, which of course going to focus more on the game’s main antagonist. FFXV Director Hajime Tabata mentioned that fans can expect more updates in 2018 but explained that some of the Episodes may not released on 2018 as he wants to make sure that each of the contents are satisfactory to be ready for release, he also address that he wants to make something for those who already finished the game and have lost interest in returning.

2018 was also hinted to be a big year for the Final Fantasy franchise according to an interview with Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto by Gematsu.


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