Kamen Rider Build Impression: Best Match on Science and Rider Kick

Written by General Miss A

December 2, 2017

After watching that gut wrenching finale of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the newest Kamen Rider to grace our monitors is a scientific, apocalyptic, dystopian themed universe of Kamen Rider Build.

Why scientific, apocalyptic, dystopian themed universe? If you have seen the trailer, and the first episode, Build’s universe is introduced with Japan divided into three sections with something called Sky Wall which came from an incident that involves an alien artifact called Pandora’s Box. Currently the whole series is centered around the region of Touto, one of the divided sections of Japan divided by the Sky Wall.

In comes Sento Kiryu; the show’s protagonist, a self proclaimed genius theoretical physicist that experiments with essence bottles which helps him transform into Build with the help of his Build Drive. Unlike some previous Kamen Rider series, Sento is already aware of being Kamen Rider Build as from following episodes, he has been going on as Build for a year, defeating Smash and gaining notoriety from the Touto at the same time. Most of the time, he loves discovering new things and his tic is in the form of his hair sticking up resembling an ahoge.

His ‘partner’ Ryuga Banjou, an ex-fighter who was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of a scientist named Takumi Katsuragi, who was also involved with the Pandora Box. All throughout the show, Ryuga is a hot headed individual and will do all means to clear his name. Before he became Cross-Z, throughout the series he’s been what somehow annoying and charges ahead without a plan to the point that he almost got taken away by the region’s robot militia. He became Kamen Rider Cross-Z after…10 episodes. We admit that it was quite a quick development, usually the partner riders come in around after 12 to 15 episodes. But based from what we gathered, we already knew that Ryuga Banjou is going to be the second Rider in this series.

Okay, now let’s talk about the story plot. We thought that it might get boring because of science details and such, but hey, no one can resist a good mystery. And episode by episode there has been a lot of revelations which intertwined with most of the characters BUT so far the biggest mystery is Misora and his father Soichi. We already know for a fact that Soichi was the astronaut that retrieved Pandora’s Box from Mars, and was there when some random schmuck touched the box and caused for the Sky Wall to divide the country in three but what about Misora? From previous episodes; Misora was one of Faust’s experiments and she’s been in hiding after his father saved her, but in the internet she is widely known as Mi-Chan, a very well popular internet idol, which she uses her fame to gather information from her fans worth her cute antics. We also know that Misora has some kind of power to purify Smash essences from the bottles whenever Sento defeats a Smash and bottles the essence from them. Maybe that’s the same thing she does when she was still kept within Faust’s walls.

Currently at eleven episodes, more and more mysteries keep coming in as now both Riders are now trying to find out if Blood Stalk is Katsuragi because before reaching the recent episode he has seen fighting Night Wing for reasons that FAUST doesn’t belong to him. We guess that this kind of plot device has kept audiences on the edge of their seats and such for revelations continue to reveal themselves every after episode. What more when we reach halfway the season, maybe before we reach halfway we can finally find out who was the real mastermind that framed Banjou for Katsuragi’s murder.

Overall, we enjoy watching Kamen Rider Build for creative use of partnering organic and inorganic essence as catalysts for Kamen Rider Build’s suits, we expect more plot twists and reveal and find out the total of essence bottles used in the series.


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