Summoners War World Arena Championship shakes up America

Written by Chad

December 4, 2017

The global mobile e-sports festival “Summoners War World Arena Championship” (SWC) World Finals was successfully held in the United States on the 25th (based on US local time) mesmerizing users worldwide.

Mobile game company, Com2uS (CEO Byeongjun Song, has held 2017 Summoners War World Arena Championship (SWC) World Finals at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, US, providing an exciting global e-sports festival for Summoners War fans all around the world.

The SWC World Finals is the final round of the tournament, which lasted about 3 months with 16 regional representatives selected through the online and offline regionals in 9 major cities, such as LA, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok and Hong Kong. The interest in the World Finals escalated, as it decides the world’s strongest Summoner amongst 16 competitive regional representatives.

In response to this, a lot of audiences gathered at the site from the night before to the morning of the event at the MS Theater. There were over 3,000 local audiences at the event and they cheered enthusiastically for the competitive gameplay of 16 regional representatives. In spite of the fact that the event was held during the Thanksgiving holiday, Summoners War fans brought their children, lovers, and friends to attend and enjoy the festival which united people across all ages, genders and cultures through Summoners War.

The heat of the event continued on online. All the tournaments were broadcast live on YouTube, Twitch, etc. for those who could not attend the event. As event was being watched by users all around the world, various local influencers from Korea, US, Germany, France and Japan, vividly delivered the atmosphere of the event in 11 different languages.

The online streaming attracted about 70,000 simultaneous live stream views and even reached No. 1 on Twitch, reflecting the global interest on the event.

In particular, this SWC World Finals was held as an e-sports festival not only for the finalists but also for everyone. Com2uS installed sculptures that depicted the in-game content, such as Summonhenge, Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, World Boss and Temple of Wishes to decorate the place like the background of Summoners War. In addition, cosplays of popular Summoners War characters were found at the site.

Meanwhile, the representative of SWC Shanghai, “Tomato” became the champion of SWC by defeating the LA representative, “Psy” to win 20,000 USD in prize money, a trophy, and the honor to be the world’s strongest Summoner. You can watch the SWC World Finals again on the official Summoners War E-Sports YouTube channel (

Com2us said, “With the global interest on the game, the SWC has become a global mobile e-sports festival that only Summoners War can provide,” and said, “We’ll continue to expand the event to be a global game culture festival where the world can enjoy together.”

Additionally, Com2uS announced a surprise partnership with creator of “The Walking Dead” Robert Kirkman and Skybound Studio on the making of Summoners War animation and comics ( at the event itself.

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