The Nendoroid Zero is Both Cute and Badass

And just in time for the 30th Anniversary of the Mega Man franchise.

Figure company Good Smile Company has just revealed new photos of their upcoming Nendoroid Zero figure from the Mega Man X series. In the Good Smile Company blog Kahotan’s Blog; they revealed the Nendoroid version of Zero with a glossy finish on his armor, here Zero dons his upgraded armor which made its appearance in Mega Man X3. Everything on his armor is well detailed, including the green metallic painted boosters on his feet and his hair will be articulated with a ball joint for more dynamic poses.

The figure comes with an alternate face plate (shouting expression), set of alternate hands, the Zero Buster that can replace one of his hands and his Z-Saber with Effect A (normal blade) and B (slashing effect), and like all Nendoroid figures, it also comes with its mini action stand. Those who will preorder the figure directly from Good Smile Company can get an Effect C (curved blade) as a bonus.

For those who aren’t aware on what a Nendoroid figure is, it’s basically a chibi version of a featured character that sometimes may include a couple of accessories to recreate some iconic poses. The newer releases of Nendoroid figures now have better articulation for a wider range of poses.

The Nendoroid Zero will be open for preorder starting on December 12 at the Good Smile Company website


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