The Best of Pinoy Indie 2017: 5 games that caught our attention from the Filipino Indie Gaming scene

Written by Louis

December 13, 2017

So which titles made the cut?

2017 may have seen some new successes in the Filipino Indie Gaming scene as a lot of notable titles have been made public over the course of the year. From previously unknown projects to instant novelty hits, numerous developers and development groups have went on to introduce their titles and as well as their own varied takes in offering new gaming experiences from mobile, PC, console, VR and even AR avenues.

In the vast sea of these new titles and projects, a few names have stepped up and caught our attention over the course of attending conventions, events, game jams, and hackathons, and has also perhaps caught the attention of many as they became instant hits and some of the most talked about titles in the gaming community amidst the hype of the big AAA slugfest.

So which titles made our list of the Best of Pinoy Indie for 2017?

Mighty Alpha Droid
Popsicle Games
Mobile (Android)

If you ever grew up playing Megaman then Popsicle Games’ Mighty Alpha Droid will surely get your attention (and as well as your daily dose of Megaman action but with WORDS!) with its look evidently fashioned after CAPCOM’s popular Blue Bomber.  While taking out enemies using your super charged beam is still a part of the core gameplay, Mighty Alpha Droid let’s you use the power of words to take down waves of enemies and progress through levels. It’s Scrabble plus Megaman combined and really does well to help kill time and get you playing for hours.


Shake Master!
Most Played Games
Mobile (Android)

Now here’s something that’s bound to be an instant novelty classic, and is perhaps one of the best examples of how mobile games usually are. Known for implementing simple yet highly entertaining and challenging mechanics for their already released titles, Most Played Games gives us a great novelty gift this year with the introduction of Shake Master! The mechanics are simple, you shake your phone up and down as fast as you can for 30 seconds and get as much “pops” or shakes possible. Of course playing it alone might not make a lot of sense, but it’s a sure fire way to challenge friends during gatherings and really is a cool and amazing novelty mobile title.

Project Xandata
Secret 6 Inc

Ever since their appearance at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit back in 2016, Secret 6 has gained a lot of good attention from the Filipino Gaming crowd with their fast-paced FPS title Project Xandata. Now on its beta phase, Project Xandata combines the core mechanics of FPS granddaddy Quake such as a pick-up based item systems, with Hero Shooter elements like Ultimate Abilities to create new gaming experiences in which everyone can easily get on to. Jump around, shoot your enemy from above, deal damage using supreme ordinance firepower, and of course, lay waste to your enemies once you’re ultimate is all fired up. It’s Quake but at the same time it’s Overwatch, and it’s hella fun, although the matches does take longer than what you expect from a fast paced shooter.


The Letter
Yangyang Mobile
PC (Steam), Mobile (Android)

Remember those chain letters, emails and SMS that you receive that curse you with a diabolical fate should you fail to send it to 30 people in your messaging list right away that you really didn’t get to send out or you just didn’t bother reading at all because you knew better? Well, Yangyang Mobile is trying to relive the horror of those days in their Visual Novel titled The Letter.  Playing around the concept of chain letters and mystery solving, The Letter introduces you to the tale of 7 different characters, each with their own story path, with beautiful animations and great voice acting that it actually almost feels like you’re watching a TV serial (and controlling one at the same time). The game has already received a great amount of positive critique, especially for the art stlye and the music and it’s an absolute must have if you’re into Visual Novels.

Indigo Games

Mechas have always had a huge impact with Filipinos with many of the new generation growing up to shows such as Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos and Mobile Suit Gundam, such love for mechas and mecha combat is evidently shown in Indigo Gaming’s Garrison:Archangel. To put it simply, Garrison: Archangel pits 2 players in a no holds barred Robot versus Robot action, with the mechanics further diversified by customization and interchangeable parts and weapons which then lead to a good variety of gameplay options. Given our love for robots, Garrison: Archangel easily caught our attention when it was demoed on conventions during the latter parts of this year and is a promising new addition to the lineup of titles that we’re looking forward to being completely released from Filipino Devs. It’s our own version of Gundam Versus so you really can’t blame us if we’re all hyped up about it.

Which Filipino Indie Game caught your attention this year?




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