There’s a Mega Collaboration for The Alchemist Code and Brave Frontier

Written by Chad

December 13, 2017

gumi Inc. is delighted to announce a mega crossover collaboration between two of its titles, THE ALCHEMIST CODE and Brave Frontier.

Held from December 7 to December 20 after THE ALCHEMIST CODE’s Launch Celebrations, the special crossover is the title’s first collaboration since its debut on November 14, 2017.

The mega collaboration between THE ALCHEMIST CODE x Brave Frontier brings to players new heroes as well as the following fun and rewarding events that they can partake in:

    The collaboration’s cross-milestone campaigns have started and require the combined efforts of players from both THE ALCHEMIST CODE and Brave Frontier to achieve the milestone targets!

    To earn the attractive cross-milestone rewards, players of THE ALCHEMIST CODE are to complete the corresponding milestone targets set in Brave Frontier and vice versa.

    Upon achieving the first, third and final milestone targets for both titles, players will also be able to claim additional Co-op Milestone Rewards comprising unlocked Dungeons, Tomes and Summon Tickets! So let’s start working together to reap the best rewards!
    Alchemists from THE ALCHEMIST CODE will be able to summon Selena, a formidable swordswoman and one of the fabled Six Heroes from Brave Frontier. Born from a line of chiefs, Selena’s cold-cutting strikes are so powerful that they are able to bring the fiercest of foes down to their knees.

    Crossing over to the Brave Frontier’s Summon Gates are, Chloe — Commander of the Scarlet Flame Imperial Guard of Envylia and Lofia — the young and knowledgeable member of the Royal Magi of Lustburg from THE ALCHEMIST CODE.

    Transmute Vargas by clearing the “Brave Frontier Event Quest” in THE ALCHEMIST CODE
    Vargas, one of the fabled Six Heroes from Brave Frontier is spotted roaming in Babel and is challenging any powerful Alchemists brave enough to challenge him at the Event Missions!

    Those who are able to successfully clear the Event Quest of varying difficulty levels will be able to claim the crossover-exclusive rewards, including Lexida Shards and the Vargas Soul Shards that can be used to transmute Vargas!

    Get Logi for free by clearing “THE ALCHEMIST CODE Vortex Dungeon: Love Never Fades” in Brave Frontier
    A new vortex has opened up in Brave Frontier and a distinctive red headed warrior was spotted on the other side of the gate. Is he an ally or an enemy? Prepare your best heroes and face this warrior in combat.

    Successfully clear this special collaboration dungeon to get Logi, the Squire of the Blue Flame Guard, the most powerful knight faction of Envylia — for free!  


    Enhance your arsenal with Vargas’s  and Selena’s legendary weapons — Dandelga and Lexida. Unlock Vargas’s and Selena’s Master Abilities by equipping them with their legendary swords! Only the brave can master these weapons.



    Log in during the collaboration period in both games to receive helpful items such as Gems, Gold Ingots, Skip Tickets, Shards, Gems, Elemental Crystals, Burst Emperors, Frogs, Imps and Summon Tickets for THE ALCHEMIST CODE and Brave Frontier, respectively. The rewards sweeten as more players log in, so visit the game daily to find out more, and get rewarded!


To find out more details about THE ALCHEMIST CODE x Brave Frontier’s Collaboration events and milestones, visit

THE ALCHEMIST CODE and Brave Frontier is available for download globally on iOS and Android devices.

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