Warm Up This Winter With The Alchemist Code’s Exciting Year-End Festivities And Chapter Two Release

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December 20, 2017

2017 is drawing to a close and gumi Inc. has prepared something special for players of THE ALCHEMIST CODE in the form of new content, giveaways and holiday-themed skins. This comes after THE ALCHEMIST CODE’s monumental one million downloads celebration, where players are gifted with bonus rewards including the One Million Apple and Alkemono Mascot when they log in from December 16th to December 22nd.

From December 21st to January 3rd, players can get into the festive spirit and warm up to THE ALCHEMIST CODE’s first winter wonder splendor with a spectacular line-up of activities comprising:

    The epic saga continues with the highly-anticipated release of Chapter Two. Set in the steampunk-esque kingdom of Slothstein, Chapter Two stars a brand new protagonist, Edgar L. Leonheart – a zealous sharpshooter traveling the world on his Alchemia bike with his prized gun, Betty.

    While he may seem like a typical gunslinging-womanizer, Edgar is in fact, a gallant man who would oppose anyone who dares to make a lady cry.

    Play as Edgar and join him in his exhilarating quest to rescue Fiona, while saving Slothstein, and the world from destruction along the way!

    (December 21st – January 3rd)
    Follow Lofia, Shayna, and Rosa as they travel to Lustburg in the frosty winter season in search for the illusive “Santa”, seen delivering presents to the less fortunate children of Babel.

    Where did Santa come from? Why does he only appear in Babel during winter? What happens when you see him? Does he practice some form of Self-Defence? Find out more and
    unravel the mysteries of the secretive “Santa” by playing this special event quest and get awesome rewards!

  • GO ON A WINTER HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPREE! (December 21 to January 3rd)
    Character Skins are now sold in the Winter Holiday Secret Shop! The first to be made available are the Winter-Exclusive Skins for fan favourite characters, Lofia, Shayna and Rosa – so get them during this limited time to dress the three friends for their wild Santa-chasing adventure.

    Also offered at the Bundles Shop from December 25th to January 1st are the Winter Holiday Bundles, which offers up to 70% more value!

  • WINTER HOLIDAY LOGIN BONUS (December 25th to January 1st)
    Prep your holiday stockings because Santa is coming to Babel with a big bag of presents! Receive special Winter-exclusive goodies comprising of the Ouroboros Wreath, Michael’s Flare Chicken and more when you log in during this period!

  • THE WAY OF THE TRUE SKILLS EVENT (December 25th to January 1st)
    Need that extra push in THE ALCHEMIST CODE? Play through this experience-boosting event to power-up and unleash the true potential of your favourite units. Fall in now as this event is open for a limited time only – you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to groom your best squad!

  • COUNTDOWN LUCKY DRAW & MYSTERY BAG CONTEST (December 28th to January 3rd)
    Feeling lucky? Try your luck at the Countdown Lucky Draw and Mystery Bag Contest! Complete these dungeons everyday to get yourself Countdown and Mystery Tickets. Use these tickets and get yourself a wonderful gifts at the Door of Truth! Will you be able to get the best rewards?

THE ALCHEMIST CODE is available for download globally on iOS and Android devices.

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