Battlefield of Emperor Arrives for mobile RPG MU Origin

Written by Chad

December 21, 2017

Webzen has launched another content update for its real-time mobile MMORPG MU Origin.

The latest update to MU Origin, Battlefield of Emperor includes new features, including a 20 vs 20 battle, Tarot Card System, Costume Wardrobe System, Companion Arena, Guild Diplomacy and much more.

Battlefield of Emperor is a new 20 vs 20 battle fighting each other divided into the Alliance and the Order. Characters over 6 Rebirth Lv. 1 can participate in the Battlefield of Emperor and they are sorted in the battlefield depending on the rebirth level. After players destroy the opponent’s Mineral Base to win the battle, warriors who have acquired over 100 points receive win or defeat rewards such as Bound Zen and EXP.

The latest update also introduces Tarot Card system that players can equip the cards to give extra options to their character. The Tarot Card system opens upon completing the quest Master of the Forest, and 15 types of Tarot Cards are now available for levelling up to 50, giving a special option of each Tarot Card to the character when equipped.

Costume Wardrobe has been added where players can equip and enhance Costumes. Costumes can be leveled up to Lv. 10 by using the same type of costumes in the inventory.

New Companion features are also unlocked, such Companion Arena and Companion Blessing. Companion Arena is a 2 vs 2 Server Arena event that two companions can join the event in pair every Friday and Saturday. Players can send Blessings to other Companions and get blessed in Companion Blessing.

Guild Diplomacy system is now available to ally with guilds beyond servers. Both guild members cannot attack allied guild members in the world map or all-server maps in Guild mode.

In addition to these new features, players can check out the increased level cap, expanded floor of Endless Tower, Emblem System, Santa Costume. Snow pet and new Accessory System. System improvement and adjustment also have come to the game.

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