Mystic Wolf Guardian Officially Joined Kritika: The White Knights’ Squad

Kritika: The White Knights has released a new update with the appearance of a new character – Mystic Wolf Guardian. She is the 12th character of Kritika: The White Knights, marking a significant step forward of the 3 year old RPG mobile game of GAMEVIL. Let’s take a look at the main content of this update.

Mystic Wolf Guardian has the ability to control the thunder and to carry out attacks in tandem with the sacred Sirius to battle enemies. With a system of transformational skills, this new character will bring Kritika’s fans colorful visual effects. Mystic Wolf Guardian will be the 1st Season Class, with a chance to regain mana per hit. This girl will surely be the next muse of the Kritika heroes, and bring many of the old fans back to the game.

The update also improves on the game’s system, such as auto-progression to the next stage, making the gameplay easier on mobile devices. The enhancing material will also be changed in quantity, so that characters can enhance the power optimally. In addition to introducing new characters, the characters Crimson Assassin, Blood Demon, and Éclair characters will also be rebalanced in their Super Awakening stats, so that players who are loyal to the old character classes will not suffer from disadvantages.

It would not be Kritika if the game updated without new avatars. This update will bring players both Blue and Red Lucifer avatars, as well the new look with snow-covered Christmas background in every corner of the game.

For the last three years since its release, the once in a lifetime handshake between Gamevil, ALLM and Funflow has created a super-hit that has never dropped. Recently, Kritika: The White Knights has hit 30 million downloads worldwide thanks to its impressive graphics, cutting-edge gameplay and constantly changing content. This major update will also bring new looks as well as exciting promotion events for gamers.

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