Cytus II Launches Concept Website Along with Character Backstories

Written by Chad

December 30, 2017

Cytus II is Rayark’s latest music rhythm game title. In addition to the instinctively simple “active judgement line” gameplay inherited from its predecessor Cytus, this sequel added several different game elements. At the same time, the graphics and story of the game were rendered to give a richer presentation. The game will include songs from a variety of genres. These songs are composed by creator from across the world: Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more.

Here are the backstories of the five main in-game characters:


A singer and commercial star who enjoys immense popularity; a 24-year-old girl who seems born to be in the spotlight, whether it’s the virtual world or the real world. The number of fans she has is astonishing. She can hold virtual concerts non-stop for a whole week and every single session will still be packed to the brim. Her image and every single statement she makes is monitored closely by her agency. When the cameras and lights are not on, just what kind of person is she?


A popular streamer who has a group of diehard fans. Enjoys streaming herself playing video games and chatting with her audience about all kinds of gossip. Represents chaos and disorder in the internet world, yet at the same time symbolizes creativity and possibility.


A weird character sporting mechanical speech and judges everything based solely on data. An analytics nerd; dabbles with all kinds of information on the net. Reposts articles that caught his eye to his own SNS page. His occasional radio show has garnered a minor following.


A system security administrator who works at A.R.C; has access to lower levels of the system. A highly skilled programmer and leader/guitarist of the personal band “Xenon”. Has a strong sense of justice and feels the need to protect others. Desires to rid the world of crime through his own methods.


A collector, performer and archaeologist who specializes in ancient instruments and fuses them into his music. A middle-aged gentleman who acts in a graceful and elegant manner. Often exploits loopholes in the law in order to maintain the costs of his research. Has a family history deeply connected with the reform of civilization and past technology.

According to the production team, Cytus II will be released in January of 2018. Players can get an early look at the game through the concept website at



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