Cytus II is Now Available on the iOS

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January 23, 2018

Rayark’s latest title Cytus II is unveiled on the iOS platform. A music-rhythm game where players tap note sequences on screen as a song plays and the Active Judgement Line scans up and down. The price of the base game is USD $1.99.

Building upon its predecessor, Cytus II added new elements to gameplay so players may have a brand-new experience while maintaining the feel of the classic. In terms of visual effects, when players tap the “Click” note, the note will explode in a colorful burst of pixels. In addition, while the song is playing, the Active Judgement Line will adjust its speed according to the music.
On top of that, Cytus II has added two new kinds of notes to increase the already challenging difficulty of the game. The first is the “Long Hold”, which is a note that requires players to hold the note for multiple scans of the Judgement Line. The other is the diamond-shaped “Flick”, which is a note that requires players to swipe left or right when tapping the note.

The game will include over 50 songs. The five characters each represent a different genre of songs. Of the five, Xenon and ConneR are paid characters; they each cost USD $9.99 to unlock. As players unlock more characters, they get access to more songs and receive more clues about the game’s narrative.


Includes mostly western electronic pop songs.  Features two new songs created by acclaimed composer Kevin Penkin,〈Survive〉and〈Baptism of Fire〉. Also featured are the works of Korean composer M2U as well as the works of other Taiwanese and Japanese composers.


Includes electronic music with a more upbeat style. Features the works of 3R2, Tsukasa and other composers who collaborated with Rayark in《Cytus》. Also features the first collaboration between Rayark and Japanese music producers t+pazolite and M-Project.


Just as his character image suggested, includes mostly EDM-style rave music, ex. Electro and Dubstep. Some of the featured composers are newcomers JAKAZiD and SOTUI. KIVΛ’s new song〈DASEIN〉will also be included here


Includes mostly metal and hardcore music. Japanese composers Hideyuki Ono and Daisuke Kurosawa were invited to produce a song for this character. Also featured are the songs of several Taiwanese bands including Claymore, FUTURE AFTER A SECOND, L DERCoLoR and more.


A combination of classical and electronic music. In addition to well-known composers VILA, sakuzyo and more, this character also features many mysterious collaborations that will be gradually revealed.

As players play the game, they can earn experience points for the characters. As the characters level up, players will have the opportunity to unlock content like new story bits, new songs and new charts.

As the iOS version for Cytus II is released, the Android version is scheduled for release in March.


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