Taipei Game Show 2018 Indie Game Awards Winners

Written by Jillian

January 27, 2018


Taipei Game Show held by the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is the only game exhibition which combines B2B and B2C zone. Since they started way back 2003, they have attracted tons of gamers from all over the world due the amazing and special content they give. They have witness the rise of game industry, experiencing the tough time from the beginning and the crush of the industrial changing, which they challenge in becoming the most important platform in Asian Market.

They are famous for the latest trends, the best gameplay experience and accept foreign games. They facilitate the interaction of the gamers, the developers and the world to each other which gives spark to Taipei Game Show and it shows its unique factors.

Taipei Game Show is the ideal platform for the indie developers for public promotion and game IPs trading is Asia Pacific region. It is also draws attention from the globe especially publishers aiming for the Asia Pacific game market. This year, TGS leading indie game festival will be unveiled with a record of 180 indie game developers will be showcased in Indie Game Festa of B2B zone and Indie House of B2C zone.

Last January 2, they have announced the finalists for the Indie Game Awards which recognizes outstanding indie game developers. A total of 22 finalists have been selected across four major platforms: PC, console, mobile and VR. The indie developers came all around the world namely, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, South Korea, U.S.A, Australia and many more. Please see list below of the winners for the Indie Game Awards.

IGA GRAND PRIX & BEST VISUAL ART : Old Man’s Journey by Broken Rules Interactive Media (Austria)

The game is a masterpiece of environmental storytelling and flawless game play. It is about the journey of the old man which makes you interact with the world around you by shaping the landscape to keep the old man forward on his journey of memory lane.

BEST NARRATION : OPUS: Rocket of Whispers by SIGONO (Taiwan)

An adventure game which will tug your heart a little since its topic is about loss and death. The set up is like a post apocalyptic world where in 2 survivors scavenge the wasteland to build a rocket. It becomes enjoyable due to the game pace is balance and the music and plot cast for the said game.

BEST DESIGN : Qinoto by Studio Flio (Australia)

The player needs to solve a picture puzzle in each level by folding papers on screen. It’s a paper folding mobile game which is relaxing and has a twist which makes you intrigue on the concept of the mobile game. As each paper you fold, there is a new picture which leads you to unlock to know the hidden meaning of it.

BEST AUDIO : Songbird Symphony by Joysteak Studioes (Singapore)

Simple but addicting challenges. It’s a rhytym and beat games which is also a side scrolling game with unexpected frustrations that could challenge your patience.

BEST INNOVATION : Un-Destined by Zinno Studio (Taiwan)

An escape room game that combines VR with physical electronic equipment. The mission of the player is to steer a submarine into the brain to remove the anomalies and bring the brain back to health. It requires team work between the VR world and the physical world, thus creating an exciting mixed reality gaming experience.

BEST VR GAME : Luna by Funomena (U.S.A)

presents the circle of life on a planet. It brings puzzle solving in a VR world with intriguing mechanics and a rich environment that the player can interact with. It has good music and very much enjoyable to play with.

BEST MOBILE GAME : Cat Quest by The Gentlebros (Singapore)

As what the game is entitled, cats, its an open world where in you are about to embark on a journey to rescue your kidnapped sister. Its an adorable romp through a fantasy world where you as a cat, fight monsters, cast spells, and battle bosses.

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