The Indies Rule! The 10 Awesome Indie Games at Taipei Game Show 2018

Written by Chad

January 28, 2018


The biggest gaming event in Taiwan isn’t just all about the mainstream games, they also have the best place for indie game developers to showcase their newest game titles and projects. The Indie Game Festa focuses more on the business to business ascpects, where the game developers has the chance to find potential partners for possible business opportunities with game publishers, marketing firms and other business companies. Then the devs can showcase their games to the public attendees at the Indie House section of the event.

We had a chance to try out the games at the Indie Game Festa and listed out 10 games that left us with great impressions. Do take note that some titles are still in its early development phase, so unexpected glitches and unfinished portions can be found in some games, which means we can expect changes and new additions that would make these games more polished.

Vambrace: Cold Soul by Davespresso Games

Started development since 2016, Vambrace: Cold Soul is a fantasy rogue-like adventure game that quite have some inspirations from rogue-like games such as Darkest Dungeons, from the 2D animations up to the familiar gameplay. What makes this promising is not just the brutal yet rewarding difficulty, buildup of the world in the game makes it more appealing to its art direction of a dark medieval fantasy world. The team behind Vambrace is hoping that it will all set for a Spring 2018 release for the PC and PlayStation 4.

Break Arts II by MercuryStudio (published by AGM Playism)

A sequel from the smartphone game of the same name, it has become a lovechild between a high-speed racing game and a mecha action game. Break Arts II features a unique twist to the conventional action-based mecha games. Instead of defeating a platoon of enemy mechs, you race out against each other (while still decimating your opponents with sneak attacks) with high speed maneuvers and timed dashes. Another big highlight on this game is the deep mech customization, it’s not just replacing color palettes to make it different, as you can actually design your very own mech from scratch with a deep creation tool. As fans of the F-Zero/Wipeout and Armored Core franchise, the gameplay twist was a nice coat of fresh paint from the same old action games. Break Arts II is already slated for a February 9 release on the PC.

Death Coming by NEXT Studio

More of a Final Destination simulator as some may call this, but what makes Death Coming stand out from the rest is that you try to play as the grim reaper in an interesting way; by orchestrating your death plans on your victims as you interaction with the environment. Make an object fall on your target, drop a live wire on a swimming pool or create a chain reaction of accidents to claim the lives of your customers that have extended their time on earth. What makes it interesting is aside from the unique twist of becoming Death, it allows players to think ahead on how to eliminate your target as there are many ways to eliminate them. Death Coming is already available on the PC and a mobile version will be out around March 2018.

Code: Transcendence by Reminisce

Combining the fast-paced mech combat from the likes of Zone of The Enders and musical rail shooter games like Rez and you’ll get Code: Transcendence. Still on its early build, the game let you pilot a mech and allows you to create musical notes by performing attacks to your opponents. Make a multiple lock-ons on a wave of enemies and fire away where you can also compose great musical scores. The special light effects help adds an impressive visual pleasure as you mowed down waves of enemies. There is no definite date on its release as Code: Transcendence is currently in development.

Parade! by ukn

A bizarre rhythm game where you build up a parade of party animals by swiping at the right direction at the same time. Land more combos with your swipes and more animals will join your parade. Another cool part in the game is the impressive visual style, it’s eye candy art design makes it more appealing and fits well with the bizarre gameplay. Parade! will be available for both Android and the iOS on February.

Old Man’s Journey by Broken Rules

A soul searching tale of an old man as he journeys through different locales. This puzzle adventure game has that oil painting-esque art design that helps flesh out the already emotional narrative (their impressive visuals and great narrative landed them the Best Visual and IGA Grand Prix awards at Taipei Game Show’s Indie Game Award). The unique puzzle elements where you must reshape the landscape in order for the old man to progress further into his journey. The game is already available for the PC and mobile.

Shots Fired by Chryse

Filipino developer team Chryse showcased Shots Fired at Taipei Game Show this year, this pixelart assassin simulator puts you in an assassin turned photojournalist where he had a series of tragic events from losing his wife, daughter being kidnapped and his TV being stolen. So it is time to take your revenge by finding your targets and planning out your assassination. Use your trusty phone and your photography skills to you detail out your attack and finding the best escape route to leave the area unscathed. Shots Fired has wow’ed us since we played in on ESGS and it still getting more polish for better improvements and so far we enjoyed the current build. The game is a must buy when it arrives later this year for the PC and soon on the Nintendo Switch if you are into assassins and life simulation.

Cat Quest by The Gentlebros

A catastic RPG for any fans of cats and anything action RPG. This colorful open world RPG puts you in the role of a cat where you must rescue your sister as she was abducted during your journey, embark to an adventure filled with pop culture and meme references and nostalgic trip to classic RPGs. Take on quests and collect loot from slain monsters and treasure chests. Playing the game on mobile or in PC/console provides unique experience with different control schemes. Anyone who played Cat Quest will get hooked instantly thanks to its colorful visuals inspired from kids cartoons and story books. Cat Quest is already available for the PC, mobile and consoles (they also won Best Mobile from the Indie Game Award).


A cat simulator that was inspired from titles like Neko Atsume but added with a unique twist; you take the role of a ghost that will care of the cats in his town. You attract them by leaving food at your home and entertain them with some furniture and other interior items for them to play with. Making them enjoy their stay will land you with money to spend on upgrades and other items to decorate your home and attract more rare cats. The art style helps it give a simplistic feel to its gameplay that will be surely be enjoyable by everyone. The game is already available on mobile for both Android and iOS.

Back Slash by Skeleton Crew Studio

This one-on-one brawler features some elements from popular fighting games while combining it with unique interactive spells, with over 30 spells to choose from, you will be able to experiment with it and come out with unique combos to take down your opponent. At a first glance you might think it’s another Smash Bros. clone, but it showcased a rather different approach from the conventional brawler games, the environment is destructible that can add a layer of new strategies and with over 10 clans to choose from, it allows for more different play styles for players to try out. Back Slash is already available for the PC

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