Johannes Krauser II actor to play as Jesus in Saint Young Men live action drama

Aaand we’re finally getting new updates on Saint Young Men!

The live action drama adaptation of Hikaru Nakamura’s Saint Young Men receives a pleasant update earlier today as it confirms its initial cast of actors to fill in the shoes of the lead roles, Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. A comedy slice of life series, Saint Young Men follows the story of both Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, both who took a break from their respective divinities and chose to spend time living in an apartment in Tokyo while they deal with the daily nuances of living a normal life.

Filling in the role of Jesus Christ in the Saint Young Men live action drama is Kenichi Matsuyama who was popularly known in his role as L in the 2006 live action adaptation of the hit anime series Death Note and Johannes Krauser II/Souichi Negishi in the live action film adaptation of the loud and comedic Detroit Metal City.

Yup, this guy is gonna be Jesus.


As for Gautama Buddha, the role will be played by Shōta Sometani who also played the lead character Shinichi Izumi from the 2014 live adaptation of the Parasyte series. Aside from Sinichi Izumi, Sometani also played roles in movie adaptations of other well known Japanese works such as March Comes in Like a Lion, Bakuman and As The God’s Will.


Shota Sometani in Parasyte

The Saint Young Men live action drama will be produced by Takayuki Yamada and will be directed by Yuichi Fukuda, the man behind other popular live action adaptations of Japanese and anime manga series Hentai Kamen and Gintama.

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