Mecha Fridays: WonFest 2018’s mecha selection, Bandai’s new SDCS line and this weekend’s Gunpla Expo 2018

Written by Louis

February 23, 2018

Which figures and kits caught your eye at WonFest 2018? And are your ready for Bandai’s new SD offering?

The closing weeks of February is nothing short of a fiesta for collectors of Japanese toys and collectibles with Wonder Fest Winer 2018 showcasing some of the latest and upcoming “must buys” from popular and established merchandise manufacturers like Good Smile and Kotobukiya.

Taking place early this week, WonFest Winer 2018 filled the floors of  Makuhari Messe with a huge selection of upcoming collectible products, and of course, together with cute waifus, and the nendos and figmas, mechas were not left in the dust as they also took the share of the spotlight.

So what mecha figures are you gonna be adding to your collection this year? Well WonFest Winter 2018 offers a selection of old and new with figures from Mazinkaiser, Demonbane, Godmars and Darling in the FRANXX, and even, check this, a transforming fleshlight (we’re not sure if it’s actually functional though).

MODEROID Mazinkaiser Liger


MODEROID Mazinkaiser Haou


MODEROID Strelizia


MODEROID Six God Combination Godmars


Alloy Action Figure Demonbane


Parfom Evangelion Unit-01: Awakened Ver.



Because why the f*** not right?

The mecha surprises did not stop at WonFest this week as Bandai also unveiled that they are working on a new improvement to their Super Deformed Gunpla like as they introduce the Super Deformed Cross Silhouette. Basically, it’s a taller variant of the SD line that comes with its own inner frame to improve articulation and perhaps customization options as well. The initial line of kits under SDCS will include the RX-78-2 (because of course it would), Crossbone Gundam, the Nightingale, and a separate Frame only kit that comes with a GM head.

Imagine the wonders that you can come up with using this bad boy.

Together with the addition of an Inner Frame, Bandai further steps up their SD game in the new SDCS line by adding more color separated parts and relying a little less on foil stickers for details. There is also the possibility of using parts from the previous generations of the SD line with the Frame Only variant, however, this should be confirmed in the coming weeks or once the SDCS line is finally available in the market.

You still gotta put a yellow foil sticker on the V-Fin though, but hot damn look at the number of parts on this thing, and this is just the head!


Speaking of Gundam, the Philippines will once again host another installment of its own Gunpla Expo, which will be held starting tomorrow, and will run for 1 week. The event will showcase the latest available Gunpla kits, creations from custom builders and of course event exclusive merchandise. The Gunpla Expo 2018 will run from Feb 25, up until March 7, 2018 in SM Philippines Mall of Asia.

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