Experiencing VR+ Philippines

Written by Louis

February 25, 2018

So what does the country’s first Virtual Reality Park have to offer?

Virtual Reality finds a new home in here in the Philippines as last weekend saw the opening of what is dubbed to be the first Virtual Reality park in the country, VR+ PH.  Originally from Taiwan, VR+ offers multiple room Virtual Reality experiences each accommodating 4 to 8 people at the same time for multiplay.

Offering original titles, VR+ virtual experience offering is centered on the Zombie apocalypse team and will have players fight their way through hordes of attacking zombies using weapons which have been modified to work together with the HTC Vive’s motion controller. To give a more realistic approach, each weapon has its own recoil, and the environment is also designed to be affected by in-game happenings such as shudders and vibrations during explosions.

Zombie Jail, VR+ most prominent game series available at VR+ PH

Despite a multiplayer experience, and with the arcade-like feel, players who love to go full competitive might find VR+ a bit disappointing when it comes to its VR experience offerings as lacks a few multiplayer elements like scoreboards and leaderboards and other factors that add to the gameplay variety like bonuses and power-ups. However, given that it is still a rather young offering, there is a chance that the development partner for the experiences would incorporate these elements in the near future. Such elements prove to be crucial for retention among players, as it gives a sense of achievement to your gameplay and is also one of the reasons as to why arcades are still existing up to this day.

VR+ PH can be spotted at Level 2 of S Maison in the Conrad Hotel, Pasay City. Ticket rates start at PHP 400 per person per game, and various group rates are also available.


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