In cased you missed it, you can now download Final Fantasy XV’s PC Demo

Time to see if your gaming rig can really run FFXV.

Square Enix’s latest addition to the massive Final Fantasy Franchise is coming for the PC next week but you don’t need to wait that long to try your hand at the new Final Fantasy title as the playable demo is now up and live for you to download and play.

Covering the first chapter of Final Fantasy XV’s story, the playable demo covers a little bit more than the basics with numerous side quests and activities such as mob hunts, fishing and even driving around in the Regalia. The demo also comes complete with an optional tutorial sequence where you get to learn FFXV’s new combat mechanics before diving straight into the combat as in contrast to other major FF titles, FF XV’s combat focuses on the hack-and-slash aspect rather than the usual turn-based strategy sequence.

You can download the FF XV playable Demo on Steam, Origin and even the Windows Store, a pre-order is also ongoing on the same 3 digital distribution platforms where the game’s PC version is available, and the full game is priced at PHP 2,699.

Final Fantasy XV first came out back on Nov 29, 2016, for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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