My Hero Academia Season 3 confirms release date

This year’s next anime season just went PLUS ULTRA!!

Fans of the highly popular My Hero Academia series time to crank up the hype to Plus Ultra as the highly popular shonen series just confirmed the release of its highly anticipated Season 3. Picking up from where it left off at the end of Season 2, My Hero Academia’s Season 3 will start with the School Trip arc, which, according to the manga synopsis, will focus on the faceoff between the U.A. high school students and the League of Villains, who now gained new members with notable ones being Himiko Toga and Dabi.

One of the show’s teaser trailers, which also introduced the series new opening song, ODD FUTURE by Uverworld, offered us a glimpse of the battles between U.A. students and the League of Villains, with one of the scenes being the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya utilizing 100% of his quirk or superpower, the One for All.

My Hero Academia Season 3 will have its first episode go live this coming April 7, 2017, with the animation to still be handled by Bones Inc.

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