Light Novel Record of Grancrest War is heading to the PS4

From books to tabletop, Record of Grancrest War is now heading to the home console.

Ryo Mizuno, the man behind the iconic RPG title Record of Lodoss War might just have another video game title under his name as his light novel work Record of Grancrest War is getting a PS4 title.  Record of Grancrest War’s video game adaptation will be an RPG title with a different approach to the format as players will get to order commands to different units before executing those commands at the same time.

Set in a fantasy world, Record of Grancrest War follows the tale of Theo Cornaro and Siluca Meletes as they face both noble families and the threat of the dark force called Chaos in the lands of Atlatan. Just like the noble families of their world, both Theo and Siluca wield their power through their Crests, which they then use to fend off threats and provide support to their allies.

Record of Grancrest war is written by Ryo Mizuno, together with Notane Kaki, with a manga adaptation currently being published by Young Magazine. The Anime adaptation is handled by A-1 Pictures and is currently airing in the west through the streaming service Crunchyroll, with the video game adaptation to be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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