Tokyo Game Show’s 2018 installment will put Esports in the spotlight

Written by Louis

March 7, 2018

One of the world’s biggest Video Game expos will offer a major place for Competitive Gaming.

Japan’s long-running video game showcase event, and one of the world’s most popular global gaming convention, the Tokyo Game Show, has just revealed that they are putting a bigger share of the spotlight on Esports for their 2018 installment. According to their recent press release, Tokyo Game Show 2018 will offer a dedicated Esports area for competitive players as they work together with the newly established Japan Esports Union to help promote competitive gaming in Japan’s video game culture.

Although competitive games are already showcased at TGS, 2018 will aim to offer more than just showcases and will even perhaps host competitions.

Following the theme “Welcome to the Next Stage”, Tokyo Game Show 2018’s emphasis on Electronic Sports will also include them teaming up with popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, niconico and Douyu, and as well as aim to “present the heated (gaming) battles as an international event to support e-Sport competitors to go on to perform in Japan and around the world“. While they may be a bit behind in the Esports scene compared to their neighbors like South Korea, and China, Japan is still able to produce top-class gaming athletes like Daigo Umehara and Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, both who have been really well known for their dominance in the fighting game title Street Fighter V. It is also worth noting that the popular Esports franchises, TEKKEN and Street Fighter both came from Japanese developers so perhaps that it is just proper for Competitive Games and Competitive Gamers to find a home in the Tokyo Game Show.

The Tokyo Game Show 2018 will be held this coming Sept 20 to Sept 23, 2018, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

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