Summoners War Holds a Special Event to Celebrate Global 90 Million Downloads

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March 15, 2018

Com2uS has announced that Summoners War has opened a special event “The Conqueror” to celebrate the global 90 million downloads.

This event has been prepared to show appreciation towards users who’ve been enjoying the game along with the big success of accumulating 90 million downloads worldwide. The event is available in the game for everyone to participate until the 25th, and various rewards are available as mission completion rewards.

In the event, rewards will be given according to the number of monsters you defeated from playing game content such as the Scenario Mode and Carios Dungeon. In addition, the number of monsters you defeated will be recorded and accumulated in real-time, and a Light & Darkness Scroll – an item that summons a Light or Dark Monster – will be given as a reward when you defeat up to 9,000 monsters during the event.

Moreover, users can also participate in the event by playing the high-level battle content such as Arena, Guild Battle and Rift of Worlds. Users who defeat Monsters from these types of content will be able to enjoy more variety of benefits as well.

Meanwhile, Summoners War, started its service in 2014, has once again proved its worldwide popularity by reaching 90 million downloads worldwide. Com2uS will continue to build up Summoners War’s global power with Strategic Updates and improved live service.

More information on the Summoners War 90 million download special event is also available at the official Summoners War Facebook Page (

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