Discover the lost world of Superman on Warner TV’s Krypton

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March 21, 2018

Superman is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest superheroes in the DC Universe. For many years he has fought for justice and truth, and defended Earth from many threats that came from the farthest corners of the universe. Many know the tale of Superman—how he was sent to Earth by his parents while his home planet Krypton was on the brink of destruction, grew up with the Kents in Smallville, Kansas, and how he honed his powers to protect the world and the people he loves.

Though this story has been told countless times in comics, TV, and film, one thing remains the same: Little is known about the history of the Man of Steel’s true home—Krypton.

This is about to change with the premiere of Krypton on March 22 on Warner TV. For the first time, we will see Krypton in the height of its glory. Krypton is set 200 years before the birth of Superman and follows the story of Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman and father to Jor-El. Primarily set in the City of Kandor, where tyranny and corruption reign, it begins with the House of El stripped of their rank and all privileges when Val-El, the family’s patriarch, is convicted of sedition and executed through condemnation to the ice.

Living in poverty and facing injustice from corrupt members of the city’s government, Seg-El learns to fend for himself and his family. This changes when Seg-El is approached by Adam Strange, a man who travelled across time and space, to warn Seg-El about another creature from the future who is set to destroy Krypton, essentially stopping the birth of Superman and drastically changing the universe in the process. This dramatically steers the life of Seg-El to a different path.

Starring Cameron Cuffe as Seg-el, Krypton is a rich and compelling story that portrays a world riddled by the problem of classism, inequity, and strife. With the fate of his grandson and his world in his hands, Seg-El is tasked with a great challenge as well as faced with a difficult choice – save his home planet or let it be destroyed to restore the fate of his future grandson.

Join Seg-El on this bold quest on Krypton premiering on March 22, Thursday, 9pm same day as the U.S., only on Warner TV (Cignal SD Channel 126, Cignal HD Channel 235, SkyCable SD Digital Channel 34, SkyCable HD Channel 197, and Destiny Cable Channel 34). To know more about Warner TV and Krypton visit and join the conversation on social media on Facebook ( and Instagram (

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