Komik Artists are Spreading the Escaping Aircon Joke for April Fools

This could be the start of a new local meme.

April Fools is all about the most darnest pranks, may it be on the streets or the internet. The most popular tradition on the interest was the barrage of announcements and news from popular brands and other geek media that are just outrageous or bizarre. Then of course some people can do the different way, like making an old Filipino joke into a meme that anyone can follow.

The good old ‘leaving the door open would let the cold air-condition breeze escape’ line has becoming a running joke for Filipinos as the grammatical error on that phrase gave it a different meaning, as it could also mean that the aircon is running away. So the Filipino komikeros made a made tribute to this old joke with a four panel comic strip.

You can check out some of the series of comic panels created by various Filipino artists:

You check out more of the creations by heading to this link or following the #AstigPagOrig and #KomiksLife hashtags. And it even managed to evolve further where it is building more lore to the joke.

Visconde Carlo Vergara
Liga ni Likeman

Though it’s hard to determine if the joke will continue on after April Fools day, but one thing’s for sure, it was one awesome prank.

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