Our picks for Best April Fools’ Jokes from Video Game brands

Written by Louis

April 3, 2018

April Fools’ may be over but we still can’t get over some of the hilarious pranks from the people and brands of the gaming industry.

April 1st is a time for jokes and gags, and it’s not just ordinary people that get in on all the fun but big name brands also pitched in their share of the hilarity. Of course, we get the usual dose of absurd announcements and some over the top, and just simply, ridiculous ideas although there are those that really stood out, and here are some of them which are so good we actually wish that they were real.

The PlayStation Boardgame

Some say that the console giant was a little too early in revealing what’s next in their next generation line of gaming experience, possibly due to the timezone difference, but nevertheless, Sony PlayStation flaunted their new next-generation idea, which is obviously not the PS5, with the “official PlayStation Board Game”. Complete with a non-4K resolution game board, some pen and paper to draw your own achievements, 6 rulebooks and up to 4-player multiplayer support, one only needs to come up with a game to play with it and we might just really get ourselves a copy.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive for the PS4 Pro

The Esports titan, CounterStrike might have been on and off but still continues to hold a solid ground on the PC shooter arena and may be looking forward to contesting Console giants such as Battlefield and Call of Duty in Valve’s gag announcement of the CS:GO PS4 pro edition. The port will come with features such as “redefined gaming”, “competitive matchmaking”, and “dynamic 4K gaming” although we’re not entirely sure how you’ll be able to pull-off awp flicks or manage your AK recoils using a gamepad, but hey, there’s aim assist so we cool.

Capcom’s Megaman Dating Sim

Looks like Capcom is still planning to develop more Megaman games with their reveal of the newest addition to the Megaman franchise, the dating sim that is “Date My Robot Master”. Date not 1, not 2, but 8 different “Robot Masters” inspired by classic Megaman characters and stop Dr. Wily’s plans for world domination! Honestly, we’re not entirely sure how that works, but hey, a new Megaman game is a new Megaman game, now if Capcom would just ACTUALLY try and develop one and stop toying with our feelings.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: The Real World farm and loot experience

Pokemon GO’s first take on the augmented reality genre for video games may not have been the most pleasant of experiences for fans but it’s not stopping Square Enix from having their own “GO” game, only this time, it’s going to be an extended experience for their MMO hit, Final Fantasy XIV. Titled the “Final Fantasy XIV Online GO”, Square Enix will let you farm and loot for in-game resources in the real world using your smartphone, going as far as even using a monopod to turn your phone into a virtual pickaxe and mine rocks for gems. Heck, Square Enix went so over the top  with their gag that they even made an actual ad for the whole thing!

RGB Shoes for your RGB Gaming Experience

Getting Video Game lit has a whole new meaning from GIGABYTE as the tech hardware brand introduces the new addition to the RGB gaming field that is the Aorus Lightwing. Built specifically for gamers, the Lightwing isn’t just your ordinary light-up sneakers for it comes with sync lighting support, so you can have the same LED colors and effects as your other Aorus RGB peripherals and also is built with comfort in mind to help ease up that physical tension on your feet during prolonged periods of play. Just like Square Enix, GIGABYTE went the extra mile on this one and set up not just a video ad but even a mock product page complet with a “Checkout” button which we all hoped would just take our money and be done with it.

What are your favorite April Fools’ Day pranks?

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