Kaine from Nier RepliCant/Gestalt is Getting a Bring Arts Figure Treatment

Square Enix is now exploring other titles for their action figure line.

A new figure for the Brings Arts series has been revealed, and this time it’s Kaine from the Nier RepliCant/Gestalt game that was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 2010. The figure will feature the same design from the game along with some additional accessories such as stand, Emil helmet, dual swords and swappable hands for holding the weapon. The cool part with the Emil helmet is that it can be fitted to the Bring Arts 2B figure from Nier: Automata. The Bring Arts figure line is Square Enix’s newest line that features full range of articulation and detail at a smaller scale (around 5-6 inches) as compared to their Play Arts Kai line (10-11 inches).

Kaine will be priced at 7,344 Yen and online preorders is now open. The figure will be available around July of 2018 and you can expect our local hobby online stores to sell them at a reasonable price.

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