Summoners War Holds Special 4-Year Anniversary Events

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April 13, 2018

The global hit game “Summoners War: Sky Arena” will be holding special events to celebrate its 4-year anniversary.

Since April of 2014, when the game was first released, Summoners War has been establishing monumental records and has become Korea’s leading global game. It has not only accumulated over 90 million downloads worldwide but also reached top 10 game titles in more than 120 countries in the East and the West. Such results lead the game to global long-term success having been achieved unparalleled results.

Furthermore, Summoners War is making history by exceeded sales of KRW 1 trillion for the first time as a Korean mobile game last year. Summoners War is also the first Korean mobile game to hold e-sports tournament in major cities around the world.

To celebrate and show gratitude for the love and support for the game to users, Com2uS will present special commemorative events for Summoners War users and offer various benefits on the 17th.

First, from 9th to 22nd, an event where users can customize Runes, a core content of strategic gameplay in Summoners War, will be held. In this event, users will be able to craft up to 6★ Legend Grade Runes, which is the highest level they can get. They will also be able to select the type, number and major properties of the Rune.

Users will be able to craft Runes in the event page using 4-year special coins. These 4-year special coins can be acquired from collecting Runes, Grindstones and Gems from playing the Scenario Mode and dungeons.

Moreover, the Coin Shop Event will also be held where users can exchange 4-year special coins from which are available from the gameplay for Energy and Mana Stones once a day every day. Users can also exchange these coins for various items, such as Crystals, Rainbowmons and Devilmons.

Com2uS said, “Summoners War was able to make a long-term success globally because of the users who have been supporting and loving the game for the last four years” and said, “We plan to hold various events like this as a show of appreciation in the future.”


More information about the game and the 4th anniversary event can be found at the Official Summoners War Facebook Page (

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