SEGA unveils the Mega Drive Mini

Written by Louis

April 14, 2018

Sega rides on the throwback trend and sets the Genesis for re-launch.

Day 1 of the 2018 Sega Fes sure brings a pleasant surprise to the Game Development company’s fans as the titan unveils the reboot of their classic Genesis console, called the Genesis Mini. Most likely taking a cue from the fan reception that the SNES Mini had when Nintendo launched it on the market last year, the Genesis Mini is much more compact take on Sega’s classic console, with a size that can be compared to that of the Nintendo Switch.

First released back in 1988, the Genesis, or the Mega Drive as it was called in Japan and other territories outside of North America, and was one of the first to employ the use of CD ROMs, together with Video Game cartridges through the Sega CD add-on. The console also became home to some of Sega’s most iconic titles, like Sonic the Hedgehog and was widely renowned for its use of the 6-button control scheme together with your regular 4-direction pad. The Sega game lineup is also one of the most sizeable in game history, and includes games from various genres like Platformer titles, RPGs, and even Sports games.

The Sega Genesis or Mega Drive mini is said to be set for launch in Japan later this year, although there is no available information yet if it will also hit markets out of Japanese territory and if will it be a limited production release, much like the NES Mini or the NES Classic which production temporarily halted back in late 2017.

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