Gundam 00 director states that series sequel is in the works

Written by Louis

April 18, 2018

9 years later, the tale of the Gundam meisters continue.

A new chapter to the story of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 might already be on its way, that is according to the show’s director Seiji Mizushima as he states in a tweet that a continuation of the series is already in the works. The statement was made after series’ 10th-anniversary event, Gundam 00 Festival 10 Re:vision, which also unveiled plans for a stage play adaptation in celebration of the series 10th year anniversary.

According to many rumors and speculations, the new project will pick-up after the events of the battle against the ELS and with some of the previous characters like Patrick Colasour to play major roles within the circle of Gundam Meisters and even herald the return of previous Gundam Meisters, Tieria Erde, who became part of the supercomputer Veda as a living consciousness, and Neil Dylandy, who is more popularly known as Lockon Stratos.

Gundam 00 is well remembered not only for re-utilizing the concept of Mobile Suit teams, which was first done by Mobile Suit Gundam Wing but also for its take on the schematics of real-life politics with a major focus on the political views of the various sides of the series conflict. Despite being well received by many fans during its original series run, many are left torn with the events of its accompanying movie, Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, which was generally described as a letdown after leaving a trivial ending to the series story.

Despite stating that a series is in the works, Seiji Mizushima, the series main director, has not yet revealed nor confirmed as to under what format will they be releasing the continuation of Gundam 00, however, despite the vague information that we’re getting, Gundam 00 fans now definitely have something to look forward as far as the series is concerned, a decade after its conclusion.

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