VAMPY BIT ME talks about her love for Monster Hunter and Gundam

Written by Louis

April 18, 2018

The American cosplayer definitely embraces her Eastern roots.

Linda Le, or known by most as VAMPY BIT ME, might just be making waves recently with her plethora of Monster Hunter themed cosplays but it seems like the geekery runs deep within the femme fatale as she details her love, not just for Monster Hunter but also her newfound infatuation, Gundam.


In our quick shared interview spot together with Ungeek and GG Network, the 35-year-old shares her experiences and some of her favorites from CAPCOM’s long-running franchise, particularly from its latest addition, Monster Hunter World. Ranking at 154 in the H Ranks (as of the time of the interview), VAMPY loves to play together with comrades and has constantly invited different people to team up during her Monster Hunter streams over at Twitch.

Well, to be honest, it’s more fun taking down Nergigante with friends.

When it comes to monsters, VAMPY says that a few of her favorites include Vaal Hazak, and if we’re talking weapons, then the hammer, saying that she can almost feel every hit when using it. Together with Monster Hunter, VAMPY has also gotten into another popular product of Eastern Culture that is the Gundam and has been looking forward to getting her hands on the latest MG 1/100 Gundam Sentinel Plan303E Deep Striker, although she did say that she would need a lot of space for it considering she lives in a relatively small house.

Aside from building kits, VAMPY is also planning to cosplay a mobile suit from the Gundam franchise, citing that one of the things that inspired her was the FA-78 Full Armor Gundam cosplayer during her visit on Asia Pop Comic Con. In fact, VAMPY is already on her way to creating one, although not without practicing first, VAMPY states that she “needs to do it right” which is why she has been secretly practicing and testing cosplays for other mobile suits before moving on to her main mobile suit goal: the MSN-06S Sinanju, Full Frontal’s mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

Although it can be remembered that VAMPY DID do some Gundam cosplay years back, which is also what she referred to as practice before trying her hand on the Sinanju.

So when are we gonna see VAMPY’s Gundam cosplay? Probably very soon, and it might make its debut in the Philippines should she choose to come back for a third time this coming APCC. Talking more about cosplay VAMPY says that she finds Filipino cosplayers “kick-ass” in the cosplay stage, even joking about how she feels “underdressed” when compared to other local cosplayers. Most of what caught the popular cosplayer’s eye were the ones who chose niche material, in terms of cosplay, such as mecha and was even astounded when she saw people cosplaying as Gundam mobile suits or even Zoids.

VAMPY with Death Saurer Cosplayer, RB Cheng

You can check out more of VAMPY BIT ME’s cosplay work through her Facebook page, and Instagram.

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