Here’s a Cute But Angry Nendoroid Kratos for your Collection

Dad jokes are not included on this new figure.

Good Smile Company; the brand behind the Nendoroid chibi figures has revealed that they will be releasing a Kratos figure for the said line. The angry spartan will be based on the new God of War game that was just released this month, and will be given a Nendoroid chibi treatment.

The Nendoroid Kratos will feature a fully articulated figure along with some accessories like the axe and shield. There are also some swappable parts like the face to show off his angry expression and hand parts to wield his weapons and do other poses.

The figure is expected to be available later in October and preorders will be open at the Good Smile Company site today and ends on May 24. It will be priced at JPY 4,167. And as usual, you can expect this to be available at your favorite online hobby stores.

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