The Super Minipla Voltron is Just Darn Gorgeous

Written by Chad

May 8, 2018

Ready to form Voltron on this new mini model kit from Bandai.

Bandai has revealed that they will be releasing a Super Minipla variant of the Lion Force Voltron, or popularly known as Beast King GoLion in Japan. The model kit will recreate the original design of the popular super robot along with more points of articulation that lets you do the iconic poses from the hit cartoons/anime. Just like the other Super Minipla releases, the Voltron model kit will feature five fully articulated lions that will let you form the mighty robot, but based on the official product photos, the limbs of the lions can be swapped when combined to give more range on its poseability . The set will include the blazing sword and shield along with the weapon accessories for each of the five lions, the bonus feature for the Super Minipla is that you can combine the weapon accessories to form a mega blaster.

The Super Minipla model kits are the upgraded variants of the Minipla line from Bandai, the original line usually comes with a ton of stickers and with less articulation. However the Super Minipla variant features some pre-painted pieces and with fewer stickers. Unlike the regular Miniplas, the Super Minipla are sold as a boxed set and has a premium price tag.

The Super Minipla Voltron will arrive sometime in August and will be sold at JPY 5,292 (tax included). Several online hobby shops have already opened preorder slots for the model kit.

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