Valve will soon let you play PC games on your mobile devices

Written by Louis

May 10, 2018

Thanks Gaben.

A rather surprise announcement from the video game giant Valve brings new possibilities for its Steam platform as they are rehashing their idea of game streaming this time targeting the mobile field. Probably done playing around with the Steam Link hardware, Valve will soon launch a free Steam Link application for Android and iOS users which lets them beam their PC games into their mobile devices, complete with controller support.

Looking to launch later this month, the Steam Link application, will not only be made to support the Steam Controller but MFI controllers as well (or Bluetooth gamepads), which greatly lessens the hassle of getting new hardware just to enjoy the service. Speaking of new hardware, those interested in the upcoming Steam Link app might want to upgrade their WiFi routers, as Valve sets a “minimum requirement” of a 5Ghz network speed for users to be able to take advantage of the service, and yes, both your PC and your device should be connected to the same network.  You also have to make sure that your Android or iOS device is also able to connect to a 5GHz wireless network, so yeah, we take it back when we said that you might not need to get new stuff for Steam Link.

Apart from Video Game streaming, Valve is also planning to launch a Steam Video app for Video Streaming, which may also mean that Steam might expand their Video and Movie offerings which they started back in 2016.

The Steam Link app is set for launch this coming May 21st, with the Steam Video app to follow later this Summer season, however, given the existence of Valve time, there is a chance that it could launch much later than expected, but then again, who else isn’t used to it?

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