AsiaPOP Comicon 2018: The First Wave of Guests

Written by Jillian

May 17, 2018

It’s a new year, and we have all been waiting for this, AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 the much awaited pop culture convention in the region promises a whole new level of geek experience has finally drop the bomb for it’s first wave of guests!

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila, or is more known as APCC, will happen from July 27 to 29 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. APCC is being organized by Universal Events and Entertainment, a Singaporean based subsidiary of Al Ahli Holdings Group.

Now let us discuss the First wave of guests that we all have been anticipating of:

Celebrity Guests:

We all know this celebrity with regards to his portrayed characters such as Knight of Flowers, Loras Tyrell in HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, and as Danny Rad or best known for Iron Fist in the latest hit series of Marvel’s Iron Fist, he is none other than Finn Jones. 

Jones will be joined by on-screen partner in Iron Fist, Jessica Henwick in leading the APCC Manila 2018 lineup of Hollywood artists. Playing as the female lead Colleen Wing in Marvel’s Iron Fist is also well-known for her role of Nymeria Sand in HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones.

Cosplay Madness:

Yearly, APCC has the most anticipated cosplay competition which the, Cosplay Authority Global Challenge, best known for as The CAGE.  They have revealed the first two international cosplayers that will be gracing the stage of APCC.

This cosplayer is best known for his awesome cosplay of Maui from the Disney’s Moana, he is an award-winning Filipino American costume designer. Welcome back Philip Odango, also known as Canvas Cosplay.

First time coming to the Philippines is an award-winning cosplayer from Italy, Leon Chiro, he is well-known for his videogame character cosplays that feature weapons and handmace accessories. His latest cosplay is Gladio from Final Fantasy XV.

Creativity with International Artists:

Joining this years pool of creative and talented artists that will be gracing this year’s APCC Manila 2018 are:

Alex Sinclair, the Mexican comic-book colorist is best known for his collaborations with comic artists Jim Lee and Scott William. He has previously worked on Astro City, Alan Moore’s Top 10 Harley Quinn, Batman: Hush, Superman, and WildCATs, among others.

Lan Medina, the first Filipino multi-awarded comic book illustrator to win the prestigious WIll Eisner Comic Industry Award for his work Fables and is well-known for his work on Marvel Comics such as Venom Carnage, Cable / Deadpool, Silver Surfer, and the Punisher.

Mike Mckone,  started out drawing for DC in the 1990s. He did fill-ins on ‘JLA’ and worked on titles like ‘Batman’ and ‘L.E.G.I.O.N.’. He also worked on ‘Spider-Man 2099’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ at Marvel, and did ‘Metal Man’ for the Tangent imprint. With writer Keith Giffen, he worked on ‘Vext’. He is best known for his work on ‘Teen Titans’ at DC and ‘Exiles’ at Marvel.

Phil Noto, began his career as an intern at Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida. fter two more years of illustration study, he returned to Disney Animation as a clean-up artist. His credits there include The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, and Lilo and Stitch. In 2001, Phil started his comic career as the cover artist for DC Comics’ Birds of Prey. Since then he has worked on numerous comic projects such as Black Bull’s Beautiful Killer, two Danger Girl specials, Jonah Hex, Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom, Batgirl, and Avengers: Origin along with a variety of covers for different publishers. An early proponent of digital art, Phil now creates all his comic work digitally on a Mac with a Wacom Cintiq. He also does large format traditional painting and has had many one-man gallery shows.


Brian Ian Muir, As one of the most respected sculptors and a veteran artist in the film industry. He has been working in the film for over 48 years and is best-known for his work on Star Wars that led to his well-received autobiography In The Shadow of Vader.

Whilce Protacio is coming back once again to the Philippines. His notable works includes the titles Uncanny X-men, X-Factor, The Punisher, Heros Reborn: Iron Man, Wetworks and Spawn, among others. Besides being the co-founder of the Image Comics, Portacio is currently working independently for DC and Marvel.

And last but not the least, Simone Legno of Tokidoki is all set to bring the brand’s crazy-kawaii cool style to the event. Legno is the world-famous artist and graphic illustrator best known for being one of the brains behind art giant Tokidoki, through which he has collaborated with names such as Karl Lagerfeld, LeSportsac, Onitsuka Tiger, Barbie, SEPHORA, Marvel and Hello Kitty among others.

More exciting announcements of APCC’s partnerships with Marvel, Netflic, and other studios confirmed to return this year are expected to roll out soon, which will definitely pump up the conventions’s main hall.

APCC Manila 2018 tickets are now available via SM Tickets website,, and all SM Tickets outlet. Prices are ranging from Php650 (One-day pass), Php 950(Two-day pass), and Php1,150(Three-day pass). All these will give the ticketholder access to the stage activities, performances, and the main exhibition floor. The event is free for children aged five years and below for all days, but a valid identification is required for verification purposes before entering the show floor.

For more information and event updates, please visit, or follow their official Facebook Page, Twitter account @AsiaPOPComicon, and Instagram account @asiapopcomicon.

Official hastags of Appc Manila 2018 arwe #APCCPH2018 #AsiaPOPComicon.

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