Pushing the Limits of PC Design with Taiwan’s PC Experts with $9,000 Hardware Galore at COMPUTEX 2018

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May 28, 2018

Once again TAITRA brings us COMPUTEX 2018, the world stage to showcase the latest break-through technologies. From June 5-9, visitors will be greeted with an incredible showing of the largest water cooled PC display, the Inception Project, at Taipei Nangang Exhibtion Center, Hall 1 entrance J. A total of 16 brands and the most influential PC experts in Taiwan came together to pushing the limits of PC design.

The Inception Project gathers Taiwan’s most talented PC experts, AK MOD, IID team, Brothers MOD, KMOD Studio and MJ MOD. The challenge is to build the biggest water cooled pc display that represents the creativity and craftsmanship of this world class group. The result will be a towering 2m x 3m wall that is built with Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid Maker 240, MasterWatt power, AMD Ryzen Threadripper and AM4 platforms, ViewSonic monitors, Asus ROG motherboards and GPUs, Gigabyte Aorus motherboards and GPUs, Asrock Taichi motherboards and Phantom Gaming GPUs, BIOSTAR RACING motherboards, PowerColor Devil and Dragon GPUs, BitsPower custom reservoir and fittings, Aten matrix & switch scaler and DRAM modules and SSDs from: Adata XPG, G-Skill Trident, Zadak Shield, Team Group T-Force and Anaconda. Quick teaser:

The Inception Project will be a display of style and functional of sheer processing power powered by the latest AMD Ryzen platform and creative use of Cooler Master and BitsPower water cooled technology with interactive RGB lighting effects. Each individual system is fully functional and will be running different applications on the ViewSonic monitor wall situated behind it for a fully immersive experience.

“It’s been a dream come true in working with such an amazing group. I hope that we do Taiwan proud by showing our best work with the Inception Project.” Says AK MOD. “It has been an great experience so far and hope to just the beginning in showcasing more of Taiwan’s work to the world.”

Mr. Walter Yeh, President & CEO of TAITRA indicated, “In recent years, due to the rise of gaming competitions, various manufacturers have invested in R&D and innovative applications, which stimulated the development of the PC industry. COMPUTEX will continue to invite leading e-sports suppliers and players to participate and build a complete gaming ecosystem.”

“The passion and determination of Taiwan’s PC building community is inspiring to all of us. We are extremely excited to work with Taitra and partners for this incredible showcase.” says Raymen Wu, Cooler Master Technology. “This one-month long project will be quite a feat when completed and we hope everyone will get a chance to see in person.”


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