Amidst controversy, Pinoy Streamers raise PHP 300,000 for charity

Written by Louis

May 31, 2018

And the Summer Spirit Bomb is complete.

The recent negativity that has plagued the local streaming community found no place last weekend as members of the Filipino streaming community banded together for RIGHTEOUS GLORY Summer Spirit Bomb 2018, the 72-hour streaming marathon hosted by creator collective, RUMBLE ROYALE.

Taking place at Game Over PH, RIGHTEOUS GLORY invited some of the notable faces in the Filipino streaming and gaming community, with big names like Ashley Goesiengfiao and even Paulo Avelino, who became the center of the most recent streaming-related debacle, in some form or another.

Paulo Avelino, a.k.a PewPau on Twitch, dropped by to donate part of his anime toy and figures collection which was later put up for auction. Image credits toAlizarine Creative Imaging

Banding together as a community, RUMBLE ROYALE’s RIGHTEOUS GLORY was able to collect a total of USD 6,386 of roughly PHP 336,000 via online donations and through auction sales, with the proceeds to be going to its partner charity, Save the Children Philippines. The event’s partners, AORUS, Corsair and Converge, also gave away different prizes through onsite and online raffles, such as a free 6-month fiber internet subscription.

Some of the raffle prizes at the foreground of the interview area.

Despite not being able to reach its target donation goal of USD 20,000, RUMBLE ROYALE’s RIGHTEOUS GLORY event was able to achieve something more and that is banding together gamers of different shapes and sizes all over the world to work for a common cause. Although it had its shaky first day, the event still proved to be a success in execution with a good lineup of games, from AAA titles to couch co-op multiplayer, and even talents that include Riku, Suzzysaur and even Eri Neeman.

Still, the diversity in game titles and genres that were featured in RIGHTEOUS GLORY feels a little short as it does not have the usual RPG titles that many charity streaming events usually incorporate, and despite having AAA titles in the list, like DOOM and Tomb Raider, part of the gameplay was cut off to accommodate a 4-hour run time which was seemingly implemented for the featured streamers. While there are still a lot of areas to work on and rough edges to be polished, RIGHTEOUS GLORY still delivers in entertaining its viewers and attendees by having everyone take part in the challenges and the backseat commentaries.

The backseat commentary team consisting of different streamers and community members.

With its success, RUMBLE ROYALE has been already teasing a second RIGHTEOUS GLORY event, which will take place sometime in December, and hopes to make it a more regular spectacle for the local streaming and gaming communities to band together and promote positivity by using video games as a medium.

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