So what’s up with Fallout 76?

Written by Louis

May 31, 2018

Traditional Fallout or Online Survival?

Early this week Fallout fans were in for a tease as Bethesda Games ran a 24-hour (give or take) live stream showing nothing but a pip-boy bobblehead with the words “Please Stand By” showing in the background. Just barely weeks before E3, many fans were already speculating as to what Bethesda’s next Fallout related project would be, with some predicting that perhaps it might just be another Fallout Shelter title.

Earlier today though, Bethesda finally unveiled what they have been cooking up for the past 3 years after the initial release of Fallout 4, as they unveil the teaser to Fallout 76, the newest addition to the Fallout franchise.

Although no definite information has been given out as to what direction the game will take, some sources have pointed out that Fallout 76 will become a multiplayer online survival title, much like DayZ and Rust instead of the traditional RPG approach of the Fallout series. However, these speculations have torn the fanbase apart, with some seeing it as a welcome change to the franchise, while others still hoping that it will still play the same way as the traditional Fallout with some new elements.

Despite being the 6th game of the main series, Fallout 76 takes place earlier than most Fallout games, with its plot taking place 20 years after the game world’s Nuclear disaster. According to lore, Vault 76, the vault wherein the game will mainly take place, is set to open 20 years after the end of the great war with its inhabitants being the “first” to start rebuilding the nuclear-torn world. With this in mind, players may get to experience and perhaps lead humanity’s first attempts to venture out into the nuclear wasteland, of course, complete with your usual dose of mole rats and deathclaws.

More information about Fallout 76 is expected to be unveiled by Bethesda during their E3 showcase this coming June 10, 2018.

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