ASUS’ newest laptop has a secondary screen for a trackpad

Written by Louis

June 6, 2018

Yet another crazy idea has been unveiled by ASUS on Computex 2018.

Amazing innovation or another crazy concept? ASUS continues to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to computing solutions as after the unveil of their ridiculous ROG Phone, they continue to make heads turn at Computex 2018 with their new Zenbook Pro series.

Catered towards creators, the new Zenbook pro series packs a 10-series NVIDIA GeForce GPU, and has up to a Core i9 Intel Processor, with 4K UHD validated display. It also sports a very compact design at approximately 18.9 mm in thickness, and follows the elegant aesthetic of ASUS’ Zenbook series. Specs aside what’s truly interesting about the new Zenbook Pro line is its secondary display located at the trackpad which lets you actively convert your touchpad into a secondary display area (duh?) while also maintaining the touchpad functionality should you opt to not use the secondary display.

Creative visualization

Some of the base functionalities, aside from just being a straight up secondary screen, include a music player, and application access to workstation software such as e-mail and calendar. ASUS will also reportedly be releasing an SDK for the Zenbook Pro’s secondary screen which will then allow developers to create newer functionalities that integrate with other software in the near future.

But can it run Crysis?

Specs wise, the ASUS Zenbook Pro can easily be classified to have gaming grade hardware, although it’s additions does put workstation as the main focus of the product series. Could it run games? Obviously it would although AAA title performance could highly vary given that the flagship model only sports a NVIDIA GeForce 1050 ti. However, for people who love to play basic games and previous generation AAAs, the Zenbook Pro can still pretty much deliver on the expected gaming performance, or maybe even a bit more but we’ll have to wait for the actual benchmarks to come out before having any final say.

The new ASUS Zenbook Pro series is expected to hit the market very soon, right after Computex 2018.

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