Donkey Kong joins Mario and Rabbids in Kingdom Battle

The most ambitious crossover in history has been made!

Nintendo’s collaborations with Ubisoft’s Rabbids continues as this year’s E3 saw the most ambitious cross over in history welcoming the iconic ape that is Donkey Kong. Revealed in Ubisoft’s spot at E3 2018. Donkey Kong will be Kingdom Battle’s newest playable character, with the update to include a new story featuring the iconic ape and as well as new maps and environments to explore.

First revealed back in E3 2017, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle left many players baffled, and was welcomed with skepticism albeit actual critical reception became generally favorable with fans praising the game’s take on the RTS gameplay. The new update, together with Donkey Kong will go live starting June 26, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, with Season Pass holders to get a hold of it early on June 25.

Sadly though, there’s no news yet if it will also include the New Funky Mode.

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