E3 2018: Nintendo Brings the Big One with Their Nintendo Direct

Looks like Nintendo might have made the biggest wave with their recent Nintendo Direct show for E3.

And to wrap up the press conferences at E3 2018, Nintendo just presented a ton of big reveals during their Nintendo Direct. Featuring new game announcements and a couple of updates for previously announcements titles which include new DLC and additional info. But there is one certain title that everyone is waiting for and it seems that all are satisfied with the lengthy introduction to this particular game.

But enough talk, here are the games that were featured during the Nintendo Direct E3 2018:



Supe Mario Party

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion

Overcooked 2


Fire Emblem Three Houses

Killer Queen Black

Hollow Knight

Octopath Traveler

Dragon Ball FighterZ

SNK Heroines Tag Team

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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