Check out Gamdias’ Newest Gaming Gear at Computex 2018

Written by Chad

June 18, 2018

From CPU fans to gaming chairs, Gamdias is all set to give a full gaming experience with their new line of gaming peripherals.

We had the chance to check out Gamdias latest line of gaming peripherals at Computex 2018. Their booth has that grand Greek-theme setup, similar to what they did when we visited Computex last year. You wouldn’t miss their booth when you roam around the convention area in Nangang as you will be able to spot the Gamdias booth along with its range of gaming products from both their current lines and upcoming models.

This year, they are now expanding their products not just on gaming peripherals, but also to other PC components such as CPU fans, casing and power supplies. And finally get a glimpse on the newest Gamdias products.

First was the TALOS PC cases, which comes in two versions; the E1 and M1 that feature tempered glass body that shows a clean look but still allows users to showcase their RGB lighting effects to the fullest. The Talos comes with free RGB fans and the built of the casing allows users to modify its interiors whether they want to install CPU fans or liquid cooling modules for their processors. Another cool feature is the swappable IO port, where you can switch it with the Gamdias logo panel that lights up or even put it below the tower depending on your desktop setup.

Next were the CHIONE liquid cooler and the AEOLUS PC fans where users can customize their cooling systems with RGB lighting, The Aeolus fans come with a remote control to allow you to change RGB effects with a press of a button.

The also feature power supplies with their CYCLOPS and ASTRAPE that features 550w brown up to 1200w platinum and all of the power supply lines comes with RGB effects as well.

And we are not forgetting their line of gaming peripherals that they have been known for. They revealed their HADES P1 RGB wireless/wired gaming mouse that lets user pick their desired gaming experience, whether they like the wired mode for more precise control or the wireless mode for the gaming on the go. The Hades P1 also comes with replaceable side panels that change the gripping style of the mouse.

The NYX P2 RGB mouse pad features RGB lighting and the QI wireless charging which allows wireless charging of devices that supports the QI feature. It also has a reversible mouse mat that can provide control or speed texture that suits any gamers desired control over their mouse movements.

But the HADES P1 isn’t the only peripheral that gamers can use for wireless connectivity, the HERMES P4 RGB keyboard will feature wired and wireless modes along with RGB effects that features a ton of lighting effects and supported with the HERA software for full control on the RGB customization.

Their newest gaming headset, the HEBE P1A RGB offers a larger oversized ear cup for a better noise cancellation and features 7.1 surround sound and vibration mode that has become a stable with the HEBE headset line. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without any RGB that includes a control panel for instant access on customizing the RGB effects while playing.

They are also promoting their HERA Mobile app which allows for customizing the RGB effects of support Gamdias products through mobile devices, the app is still in development as they are still improving the stability of the feature and will be more functions through updates. They also showcased their updated HERA software where their Gamdias RGB products.

And last but not the least, their newest line of gaming chair was unveiled. APHRODITE P1 gaming chair features a more racing car seat design for a more ergonomic feel with more comfort for prolonged gaming. It also uses PU leather to make it more comfortable when seated for long hours.

The featured new Gamdias products are expected to be available later this year, so be sure to check them out.

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