8bitdo Showcases New Line of Wireless Gaming Controllers

Written by Chad

June 20, 2018

And they will also be compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

3rd party game controller manufacturer 8bitdo has reveal their newest line of wireless gaming controllers at E3 2018, and most of the new products are improved versions of the current line of SNES/SFamicom inspired controllers and with new color variants. Aside from being compatible to Windows, Android, MacOS and Steam, all of the newest models will also be compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

First on the line was the N30 Pro 2 which was the updated version of the N30 Pro that features a redesigned function buttons that are compatible to the latest gen consoles, along with added vibration function and motion control. It will now feature six different color variants based on classic Nintendo consoles such as the NES/Famicom as well as other generation of consoles like the  SEGA Genesis/Megadrive, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. All of the versions will have USB Type-C ports.

The follow up to the smallest game controller, the Zero 2 will retain the original design but added motion controls and six different colors to choose from. The new colors will be based on the iconic Game Boy Classic and Game Boy Pocket colored variants.

The SN30 GP is based on the original SN30/SF30 controller that are based on the designs of the original Super NES/Famicom, but with five more color variants that are inspired from the Game Boy Pocket color variants.

And lastly, the SN30 Pro+ is the enhanced version of the SN30 Pro. It features the same twin analog sticks on a Super NES/Famicom Controller, but this time it has handles and redesigned trigger buttons that mimics the modern game controllers. they will come in Super NES, Super Famicom and Classic Game Boy colors.

The new 8bitdo wireless controllers are expected to be available during the holiday season.

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