Square Enix is Showcasing a Ton of New Bring Arts and Play Arts Kai Figures

Written by Chad

June 21, 2018

It’s another season of draining your wallets dry with more action figures.

Square Enix has just released a new set of photos for the anticipated Xenogears Bring Arts figures and finally the release dates have been confirmed. But it’s not just the Xenogears figures that fans will be expecting later this year and for 2019.

New photos of the Bring Arts Xenogears Elly and Weltall have been surfaced, showing the figures in full color and with different poses. Each of the figures will include a set of replaceable hand parts for different hand poses plus other extra parts and a character stand. The Bring Arts Elly figure is priced at JPY 6,800 with a November release date while the Weltall figure is at JPY 8,800 and expected to arrive in late December. Preorders for the figures are now open so you can check at your favorite hobby stores for more details.

But there’s more, Square Enix has just announced a Bring Arts Dragon Quest XI protagonist figure which include a couple of weapon accessories and mini companions. It will be priced at JPY 8,880 with an October release date.

Also previously announced were the Bring Arts Final Fantasy XIV Estinien figure for JPY 9,500 which will be available in November and the Final Fantasy Creatures Bring Arts Bahamut figure at a whooping JPY 14,800 price tag and will be available later this June. There is also the Kingdom Hearts III Collector’s Edition which includes a Bring Arts three-pack figure featuring Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy in their Toy Story versions, it will be priced at JPY 25,488 (USD 229.99 for the English version).

They still have love for the Play Arts Kai line as they will be releasing the Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Cloud Strife and his Fenrir bike, which will include a ton of weapon accessories. It will be available on October for JPY 39,744.

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