Check out HyperX’s Computex 2018 Product Lineups

Written by Chad

June 26, 2018

These include the addition of RGB lighting to their current line of gaming keyboard and mouse.

Kingston’s gaming division brand HyperX showcased their latest line of gaming peripherals at Computex 2018, where everyone can have a chance to marvel on what additions they have for their latest lineup. One thing you would noticed is that the peripherals they featured were mostly their current line of gaming mouse, keyboard and headset, but with one nifty new feature; RGB lighting.

Yep, HyperX is finally entered the RGB bandwagon and they want to prove that they can provide both great aesthetics and quality products. The HyperX Alloy keyboard and Pulsefire mouse both received some RGB treatment with the Alloy Elite RGB and Pulsefire Surge. The Alloy Elite RGB will be available in Red, Blue and Brown Cherry MX switches and will have fully customizable RGB effects which can be utilized with the NGenuity software, it will also feature an on-board memory that lets you save up to three lighting presets.

The Pulsefire Surge will have improved DPI sensors (featuring a Pixart 3389 sensor) that has a range up to 16,000 DPI as well as a better ergonomic design suited for palm and grip style users. It will be fully customizable with the NGenuity software to change its RGB effects.

HyperX also featured a component that made Kingston popular, memory modules and storages. The Predator DDR4 RGB and Fury RGB SSD offer the same powerful performance, but added with RGB effects to give more RGB customization for any gaming rig. Console gamers won’t be left behind as the HyperX Savage EXO will provide faster external drive for that added storage on digital games on the consoles. And there’s the HyperX MicroSD 256 GB card that is suited for Nintendo Switch users for a larger capacity storage with a faster reading speed.

Aside from the new RGB peripherals, they also showcased their latest range of gaming headset such as the Cloud Flight wireless headset, the Cloud Stinger Core that is targeted for console gamers and Cloud Alpha Pro.

Some of the new products such as the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB and Pulsefire Surge are expected to arrive later this year while some are already available in the market.

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