2018 Summoners War World Arena Championship World Finals Will be Held in Seoul, South Korea

Written by Chad

June 27, 2018

Com2uS announced the location of 2018 Summoners War World Arena Championship (SWC 2018) World Finals as Seoul, South Korea, and has opened a sign-up page.

Com2uS opened an official page of SWC 2018 on the 22nd that includes detailed information of each preliminary tournaments and more. SWC 2018 will be proceeded as regional cups style, having a total of 3 cups – Americas Cup, Europe Cup and Asia-Pacific Cup. Summoners will compete in each online/offline preliminary tournaments from each region to advance to the cups, and the representatives of each cup will be selected afterwards.

Summoners can sign-up to participate via sign-up page in the game until July 4th, and players will be selected based on the records in World Arena Season 5.

Online tournaments will be held during July to August, and Americas Cup will be held on Sep. 8th in LA, United States, and Europe Cup on Sep. 22nd in Berlin, Germany, and Asia-Pacific Cup on Aug. 25th in Tokyo, Japan.

Representative players of each regional cup will advance to the World Finals that will take a place in Seoul, South Korea on Oct. 13th.

Asia-Pacific Cup, where Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania and other countries are included, will have subdivided preliminary rounds to have intense matches with many users in variety areas. Also, all tournaments including preliminary rounds will be streamed in real-time online via YouTube and other official channels.

SWC is a global game culture festival where all users can enjoy together, and will be held for the second time this year. The tournament offers a place for interactive communication that allows the audience and viewers to enjoy the cultural content of the game. In addition, the representatives of each region will compete against each other in intense tournaments, presenting exciting gameplays to themselves and to viewers.

You can visit Summoners War eSports YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/DqddgDf8Qns) and SWC official page (www.summonerswar.com) to learn more about the SWC 2018.

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