Mecha Fridays: The Beautiful Absurdity of Gundam Build Divers.

Written by Louis

June 29, 2018

Gundam Build Divers is stupid but in a very good way.

Gundam Build Divers is the newest addition to the now long-running Gundam Build franchise who was first introduced to the world back in 2013. In contrast to previous Gundam series and shows which often serve as a metaphor for crucial real-life events such as the World War or a Philosophical take on how humans deal with conflict, the Build franchise exclusively has one thing in mind: Promoting Gunpla.

Now (supposedly) halfway through its expected 20+ episode run, I managed to somehow catch up to the series (mainly because I saw a screenshot of Ayame’s precious smile) and I can’t help but crack my head, and be amazed at the show’s apparent stupidity, so stupid, it blew my mind at how wonderful the show is.


The premise of Gundam Build Divers, in contrast to previous Gundam Build shows, sits at the heart of the fictional future of Gunpla battles where, instead of using Plavsky Particles to animate Gunpla kits, Virtual Reality is instead utilized offering a more diverse environment for Gunpla builders to explore and do battle.

Welcome to Gundam Isekai

Of course, being a Mecha Shonen series, Gundam Build Divers will not be without its own conflict but instead of having the traditional “I wanna be the very best” route, its first 13 episodes went for a more “We have to work together to fight the big evil” story approach wherein the Gundam Battle Nexus, the Virtual Reality environment where builders get to explore and do battle, is invaded by “Mass Divers”, builders who use illegal parts, which is called “Break Decal” in the show, to gain tactical advantage, which commonly results in the game’s code to bug the heck out and lead to crazy situations.

Of course, the whole premise mirrors the apparent effect of illegal or bootleg Gunpla kits which suck out the whole fun of building legit Gunpla, but Gundam Build Divers will not be without its share of over the top moments wherein all logic and factors like Game Code and Server Security are thrown out the window in exchange of the power of friendship winning over everything.

Good luck trying to make sense out of this Episode.

Stupid moments like these add more color the series, as far as the show is going so far, as, apart from magically having problems disappear with the power of emotions, it adds another layer of enjoyment to the show giving it a less serious tone, and focusing on the main thing, the Gunpla designs.

I mean, how do you expect a show that has a Wolf, an Middle eastern Elf-man, a Jester, and a talking Ermine be taken seriously? You don’t that’s why you mash together a lot of ridiculous moments, like a Bearguy party (which I really love to attend by the way), in between the Gundam fights to balance the mood.

This is an actual scene from the series.

Gundam Build Divers is still ongoing, and from the looks of it, it seems like we’re at the phase where a new variant of the 00 Diver is gonna launch soon after it got wrecked by the bad-ass that is the Astray No-Name, and with how the show is going, we are expecting more stupidly beautiful moments from this beautifully stupid series.

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