A Monster Hunter Animation is in the Works

The animation special is scheduled to have a worldwide premiere in 2019.

Capcom has teamed up with Pure Imagination Studios to produce an animated special for Monster Hunter. Titled as Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, the special will focus on a story of a brave young man that is determined to prove himself as a great monster hunter, his journey to prove himself begins when his village is in a brink of destruction by an Elder Dragon.

Pure Imagination Studios is an independent micro-studio that has created works for interactive attractions such as 4D rides and 4D theaters. Joshua Fine, who is known for working with Marvel animations (namely Ultimate Spider-Man, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Wolverine & The X-Men) as a writer and producer, will be writing the Legends of the Guild special.

The animation aims to expand the rich lore of the popular series, as the Monster Hunter franchise has sold more than 48 million copies worldwide and with the latest title, Monster Hunter World has shipped more than 8 million copies in half a year.

Production is now underway and is expected to be completed in Winter 2018 and will have its worldwide premier in 2019. No details on where the animated special will be aired.


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