Summoners War Opens a Pre-registration for its Upcoming Major Update “Tartarus’ Labyrinth”!

Com2uS has opened a pre-registration event for Summoners War with its upcoming major content update.

The upcoming update will have content called “Tartarus’ Labyrinth”, new guild content requiring cooperative works among guild members, where guild members have to go through a labyrinth with numerous titles to defeat the final boss to get special rewards.

This new content is already receiving a great interest from the users as this is the new guild battle content that will be introduced to the game after the Guild Siege Battle update. In labyrinth, there will be strong monsters, mid-bosses and the final boss hidden in the tiles at random, and each stage will have unique battle patterns and conditions – which will allow the users to come up with new strategies to claim victories.

Moreover, new guild systems will be added to the game via this update. Various guild benefits will be provided as the guild level goes up, and other guild content such as the Guild Magic Shop and Guild Achievement System will bring more fun to the guild community.

Com2uS has opened a pre-registration event and Mystical Scrolls and Rainbowmon rewards are available for all users who sign up.

You can visit the event pageĀ to learn more about the pre-registration event as well as the new labyrinth content introduction clip.


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