Tips To Play: Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins!

Written by Allen

July 16, 2018

Alright, with the review done and/or if you have decided to hold on to the game, let me help you make the experience a little more convenient by laying some things I kinda had to learn on my own jumping into this game knowing nothing.

It’s all in the head – While destroying various parts does affect the performance of a mech in various ways, the best way to manage your hordes of enemy robots is to make sure they can’t aim. Everything else gets easier as you play like this.

Pimp Your Ride – The game never really tells you how you can change loadout freely for every mech you sortie out, you can even improve their stats to suit your taste. I decided to let my sniper bring not only one sniper rifle but two, as well as a few rocket launchers that made him a reliable backup for the rest of the game.

Team Building – You will only have 4 regular characters to play, period. You’ll want them to be useful, so don’t dump all your skill points on just the protagonist, you’ll really make battles faster if you make use of Link Up especially with the sniper.

You need it STAT – while there’s various types of terrain in this title, it doesn’t appear that it in any way really affects an individual unit’s performance. No reduced movement or evasion in water, no high-ground advantage, none of that. Meaning performance is solely dependent on the stats of you and your opponent along with the mechs. Prioritize boosting base stats and only learn actives as needed.

All in Moderation – Power levelling really takes out the fun and the tension in the story as you go on, especially as Sosuke becomes the one-man-army the story promises him to be. Save yourself from this by grinding only as needed, as later grind quests will unlock that serve your needs more efficiently anyway.


That’s about it, if your plan is to get that illustrious platinum trophy, manage your effort wisely so you don’t feel like you wasted hours just to get there. Have fun!

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