Mecha Fridays: What we know and what we expect about the Gundam live-action film.

Written by Noe Rona

July 20, 2018

It’s definitely not G-Saviour part 2.

Fans at this month’s Anime Expo, held in LA, were rocked and shocked, and was somehow also glad to find out the news that one of the most loved and revered franchises in the history of Anime is getting a major Live-Action Treatment with Legendary, the production studio behind Pacific Rim and Kong: Skull Island, will be producing a Gundam live-action film.

Announced during Sunrise’s Panel during Anime Expo 2018, Legendary and Sunrise’s project is described to the “first-ever live-action feature film version of GUNDAM” (sorry G-Saviour), developed as a joint effort by both Legendary and Sunrise.

But is Gundam really in good hands?

Talking about Anime shows given the live-action treatment, Western production houses has been getting on everyone’s bad side lately with recently produced films such as Ghost In the Shell and Death Note being greatly criticized for failing to capture the essence of the Anime, a worry that will heavily affect Gundam fans given the franchise and the shows usually serve as Political and Philosophical commentaries, and as metaphors for major world events and crisis.

When it comes to Legendary Films, even though they are recently have been working on Giant Monster and Giant Robot franchises, one of which is Pacific Rim, it is without a doubt that most of what they have offered are eye candies, full of sugary big robot and big monster fights, but a way less on plot and character development, which is another crucial element to the Gundam shows.

In contrast to many mecha anime, the Gundam franchise, or at least its original UC shows, prides itself in showing your the whole grit of the characters from both sides of the conflict, and making sure that you don’t just root for the main character right from the start but shows you the motivations of the supposed “villains” as well. Although it shows war and conflict, Gundam is well known to dive deep into the characters of everyone that is involved and shows what paths they take the more they immerse themselves in the war. Such examples include how Amuro constantly tries to find motivation to get in the Gundam, especially after experiencing the trauma of his first kill, Char Aznable’s philosophy that humanity should be forced to leave earth and experience space in order to understand Newtypes and continue down the path of human evolution, and Sayla Mass’ change of heart from wanting to redeem her brother to ultimately deciding that his life must end in order to put an end to the long conflict.

As far as assumptions are going, there is nothing solid yet as to which actual Gundam story is getting the Live-action treatment, although many are assuming that it will take place in the Universal Century. A rumor says that it might take place sometime around UC 100, and will perhaps fill the gap between Twilight Axis and Gundam F91.

Nothing is still solid as of this point though as we are not getting any more than rumors at this point, although one thing’s for sure, everyone is keeping a steady and anxious eye at the horizon as to what the future of this new Gundam live action film holds.

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