Overwatch’s newest Tank is now playable

It’s a Hamster, the damn tank is a hamster.

Just a quick update for all of y’all Overwatch fans, the much awaited, and perhaps the most interesting new Overwatch hero so far has finally been released and we are definitely not prepared to the cute furry ball of wrath that is Hammond.

First revealed about a month ago, Hammond, appropriately called Wrecking Ball, is Overwatch’s newest Tank Hero, capable of disrupting enemy formations with Crowd Control and dealing devastating AoE damage.

Although dealing average damage with his Automatic Quad Cannons, Hammond truly shines in dealing massive Crowd Control with his ability set that lets him become an actual Wrecking Ball, especially when you properly combo Roll and Grappling Hook. Hammond can also smash himself on the ground to launch enemies upward and deal devastating AoE damage with a mass rain of Proximity Mines.

Although his current affiliation is still unknown, Hammond’s origins can be traced back to the Horizon Lunar Colony where he is one of the test subjects, just like Winston.

Hammond is now available for play on Overwatch for the PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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